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Oakcliff Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


How To's for TV, Radio, Broadcast, Media Communications

Learn the Lingo - Vocabulary

Short introductory list

The News Manual - A Journalism & Media Glossary. Very detailed, complete vocabulary resource

Practice - Journalism Exercises

Six How-To Lessons introducing students to journalism, media, TV exercises

This site is geared for teachers, but there is no reason students couldn't follow the lessons on their own. Click thru the embedded links and you'll get to some neat resources, worksheets, demonstrations.

Broadcast Terminology How-To Manuals. Free Online Manuals with Exercises from Beginner to Advanced, Very informative, but might be too much for elementary students.)

Explore Career Fields, Internships

How To Become a BBC Broadcaster

Expose Yourself to Jornalism Ethics and Laws

Much of the information on these topics will be confusing to most elementary school students. But it is never too early to start reading headlines. The first paragraph of the articles writen for adults, but sometimes there is information helpful to kids.

BBC Academy: Journalism Values h