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Dekalb County Schools

15 Key Practices of a Theme School

15 Key Practices of a Theme School

  • Required parental involvement:

         Parents are required to give 18 hours of volunteer service per school year.


  • Emphasis on core subjects:

    Students are offered the core curriculum in a highly structured setting.


  • High academic standards and expectations:

         Students are held to high academic standards and expectations.


  • Exposure to a world language:

         Students learn and use Spanish as their world language.


  • Strict code of conduct:

         Student code of conduct is rigorously enforced.


  • Required uniform/strict dress code:

         All theme schools require a mandatory uniform/strict dress code.


  • Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving:

         Students are taught to use higher level thinking skills to solve problems.


  • Computerized reading program:

         The Accelerated Reader Program is used in all theme schools.


  • Required summer reading and mathematics activities:

           Summer activity packets in reading and mathematics are required to extend learning during the

           summer break.


  • Required challenging daily homework:

         Homework is vital to enhance the daily lessons taught and serves as a means of extended practice.


  • Tutorial program:

         Tutoring in reading and mathematics is required for recommended students.


  • Activity-based instruction:

    Research-centered assignments and hands-on projects are emphasized in the instructional         program.


  • Agenda planners:

    Students are required to use the agenda planner to promote organization and planning skills and to enhance home/school communication. (Grades 1-5)


  • Interdisciplinary instruction:

         Teachers plan as a team to promote integrating the curriculum across all core subjects.


  • Instructional counseling:

         Students receive additional instructional and personal support to holistically educate the child.