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Vera Rubin's Contributions to Astronomy

Scientific American - News  Véalo en español
Vera Rubin, pioneering American astronomer, died on December 25, 2016, at the age of 88. Rubin’s life in astronomy bridged three crucial transitions: the discovery of dark matter, the replacement of photographic plates by more sensitive electronic detectors, and the entrance of significant numbers of female astronomers into the profession. Rubin played a crucial role in advancing all three. Rubin’s most important scientific contribution was establishing that the orbiting speeds of gas clouds in Read More Tags: Biography/Science/Black/Women/History/Astronomy

Vera Rubin's Numbers

Evidence for dark matter is visible in this elegant set of simple charts, rooted in data published decades ago. Read More


World's Smallest Snowman: Scientist Claims New Record

It stands just under three micrometers tall, carved with a scanning electron microscope. Read More Tags: Chemistry/Winter/Snowman/Art