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2024 PAC Elections

Oakcliff Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Professional News Reporting

There are many professional news anchors. Here are a few that are easily viewed on the web:
CNN's Anderson Cooper, AC360 show link
CNN in Arabic -
MSNBC Weather Story:
Professional News coverage of Student News in Newport News
Newport News elementary school students produce own morning show. 
Look for "B-Roll" and interviews, transitions, Lead-in, hand-off, outcue, and happy talk and ending. Listen to the Voice Over that the reporter uses between interviews and B-roll.
Student Produced Elementary School News Shows
Palmetto Elementary School Morning News (A behind the scenes look at producing morning announcements "live to tape") -
Morning News Award: Fruitville Elementary (enthusiastic anchors, pledge, school oath, math trivia, chef-menu, clubs meeting today, and segments) -
Walton Farm Elementary School Wildcast - Party Rock News (rundown, interview, uncovering languages segment, additional segments) -
Sts. Peter and Paul School - Channel 91 Morning News - Behind the scenes of a Live Broadcast of a 4th and 5th grade studnet produced program. 
Ocean Drive Elementary School - Morning News Broadcast - ( day, date, pledge, MOS, puppet show, school news) -
Ironton Elementary News @ Ninish Broadcast - (great set, bad mics, lots of segments) -
News @ Ninish Broadcasts  – School year 2016-17:
Eagle Eye Morning Show - Wednesday Aug 21st-Wiley Elementary Schools -
Week of 02/07/11 Harris Hill Elementary (Penfield) Morning Show (lots of segments, live weather reporting) -
01/15/16 AFIA ES Broadcast News -
 MRH Elementary's 97 News - (First broadcast designed for smartboard broadcasts) -

Glass Distortion Examples for TV & Video Production Students

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back: Storyboard side by side with Movie

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back - Storyboard to Film Comparison from Glass Distortion on Vimeo.Vimeo.

Beauty and the Beast: Storyboard side by side with Movie

Beauty and the Beast - Live Action Side by Side Comparison (1991 vs. 2017) from Glass Distortion on Vimeo.Vimeo.

Script to Screen Analysis
The Godfather: Solozzo’s Death - Script to Screen Analysis from Glass Distortion on Vimeo