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"Enter to Learn; Exit to Serve"
Our Program
Oakcliff Traditional Theme School, a diverse learning community, is dedicated to empowering Pre-Kindergarden to Fifth Grade students to become productive members of society and life long learners in a safe, challenging and creative environment. We offer students an interdisciplinary educational program. Emphasis is placed on high academic standards and a strict code of conduct. Parental involvement is a major component of the program.
The mission of Oakcliff Traditional Theme School is to provide an environment where students learn rigorous academics for both personal benefit and for service to others.
Our highly talented and creative staff work to differentiate classroom instruction, provide numerous extracurricular opportunities, collaborate with community members, and involve parents in meaningful ways so that students become the thinkers, creators, and problem solvers of tomorrow.
This mission will be accomplished by core grade level instruction, which is differentiated to students' level of performance and is supplemented by weekly classes in music, computer lab, science lab, health and physical education, and Spanish. Our mission is further supported by our dedicated staff members sponsoring over 25 extra curricular clubs and activities that meet before or after school, weekly or biweekly.  
The service component of our mission is supported by giving our students greater exposure to academic, cultural, social, community, and world events through our numerous Academic Focused Events, Parent Involvement Activities, Student Centered In-School Activities, Wellness Activities, and STEM Activities demanding the engineering design process.
History of Oakcliff Traditional Theme School

In October, of 1993, the DeKalb County School System was granted permission to begin an exciting new program. That program was the creation of three theme schools using a traditional model to deliver instruction. Under this plan, two new schools were constructed and opened in the fall of 1996. The third Traditional Theme School was to be created from an existing school in DeKalb County. After much planning with the community, Oakcliff School was selected as the third site. Oakcliff School closed its doors as a standard neighborhood school at the end of the 1995-1996 school year. Oakcliff began a new direction at the start of the 1996-1997 school year when it re-opened as a Traditional Theme School.

Under this new designation, students who were zoned for the former Oakcliff attendance zone, as well as those students who were attending Dresden and Cary Reynolds were eligible to attend, if space was available. Pleasantdale Elementary School was added as a feeder school for the 1999-2000 school year. Once a child is accepted, they may attend as long as the parents want to remain in the program and are willing to fulfill the conditions of the required parent contract. Proof of residence must be established in the attendance zone. A child may be refused registration at the start of the next school year if the conditions of the parent contract are not fully met. In that case, the space will be declared vacant and given to the next name on the waiting list.

Oakcliff Traditional Theme School Program offers an additional choice for parents and students, that is not restricted by race or previous academic performance, but is based on high expectations and the interest to pursue challenging learning experiences.

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