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Oakcliff Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Tech Fair

Dekalb County School District Technology Fair

Tech Fair -- A Chance for Your Children to Shine!

Any teacher can sponsor your technology project and you, for the district Technology Fair. In the past, Ms. Miller, Ms. Karvis, and Ms. Balaun have sponsored students in multiple categories.
In 2017, Ms. Balaun worked with several students in 3-D animation through Tech Club. Ms. Miller and Ms. Karvis worked with several students in several categoires of projects in a seminar-workshop style setting after school for a December and January.  
Competition is January 21, 2017
Dekalb County School District Tech Fair 2016 Informational Website:

Judging Categories.
Rubrics are located under each category. Rubrics are very similar to each other.

Ms. Miller's PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Slideshow. For working hyperlinks, download the PPT file, above.