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Sun catcher alarm clock; shadow puppet folk tales (STEM Unit)

STEM Unit - Design a Sprout Chamber

  1. Using the given beans, design a chamber using the supplies given.
  2. The chamber must allow the beans (seeds) to sprout.
  3. You should design a way to easily:
    1. Add and drain the water.
    2. See the sprouts each time you add the water.
    3. Keep the sprouts in the dark, except when you are checking them.
  4. To maximize the food yeild, your method of sprout removal should leave as little sprout in the chamber as possible.
Data Collection:
  1. Measure the amount of beans you started with.
  2. Measure the amount of beans you have at the same time each day.
  3. Graph the change in volume (how much space the beans take up day 1 and last day) 
Life Cycle Links
Bill Nye The Science Guy - Plant Life Cycles (24:00 on Teacher Tube)
Sprout Research Article 
How to Grow a Sprout Video
Sprouting seeds Overnight with "scarification" An Instructable webpage. Includes details on how plant seeds actually sprout.
Content Course for Elementary Teachers (hour long video written for adults)
STEM Trip to the Zoo. The students were asked to observe the habitats that the animals were in.

Social Studies Links

Digital Storytelling: Founding of Georgia (You Tube)

Tomochichi and Oglethorpe



Mary Musgrove: Georgia's Own Pocahontas (YouTube) 

Mary Musgrove

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