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Oakcliff Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Science Fair

2018-2019 Science Fair Information

science fair clip art

Elementary Science Fair Information


1.  Science Buddies Start Here Guide

Science fair project ideas, answers, & tools

2.  Science Bob:

Before you start setting up your award winning science fair concept, be sure you know the difference between a science project and a science experiment.

3.  How to do a Science Fair Project:

A step-by-step series of VIDEOS to help guide you through the science fair process.

4.  A Student Guide to Science Fair Projects:

Keeping Science in your science fair project.

5.  Cool Science Projects:

Get motivated - do cool science projects based on what you enjoy.  A guide that walks you through the process along with countless tips and ideas to get you started. Turn the hobby that you love into a project you’ll enjoy doing.

­­­6.  Science Fair Ideas:

Browse from hundreds of free science fair project ideas.

       7.  Discovery Education Science Fair Central:

       Launch the Science Fair Project Idea Board Widget to start jump-start your science fair project.

       8.  All Science Fair Projects:

Find hundreds of free science fair project

9.  A Planning Guide:

for Elementary Science Fair Projects

10. Science Fair Required Forms:

Forms to be completed and accompanied by final project


Click here to download this as a WORD Document or PDF 

2017-2018 Oakcliff Science Fair Winning Projects