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2024 PAC Elections

Oakcliff Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade Team


  • Mr. Michael Amorose, math and science teacher
  • Ms. Melicia Bronner, social studies and language arts 
  • Ms. Kiundra Rucker, social studies and language arts
  • Ms. Patricia Babalola, math and science teacher


Parents are always welcome to help out in the parent center.


Language Arts –Students will focus on increasing their ability to read aloud with fluency and comprehension along with reading on a variety of topics. By the end of 4th grade students will be aware of the conventions of language.

Social Studies – Students will study United States history from early Native American culture to the beginning of the Civil War. History, geography civics and economics are integrated into the Social Studies curriculum.

Math- 4th grade Math students will study place value, fractions, decimals, problem solving, measurement and operations. Geometry will be introduced as a precursor to 5th grade.

Science – 4th grade science is going to be exciting, engaging, cool, and most of all FUN! Topics covered will include weather, the water cycle, ecosystems, astronomy, light and sound, and forces and motion.

STEM activities will be integrated in all subjects!