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2024 PAC Elections

Oakcliff Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Coding Club

Over the Summer

Interest in Coding over the summer is overwhelming!  This is GREAT!  Instead of sending home slips of paper to all students who might be interested in coding over the summer, Ms. Miller will be creating a login and password for students new to coding.
Stay tuned for more information. 
For students already in Code Club, or who had a login through their homeroom teacher, your login Section will change, but your password/secret word/secret picture will probably remain the same. 
Email Ms. Miller if you just can't wait.  

Join the Design Thinking Challenge!

December 19 - January 31

When we design new accessories for robots, our first step is to imagine, brainstorm, and draw out an idea. We're inviting your children to stretch their creativity muscles and share their most clever or crazy ideas for Dash & Dot!

They could become famous and win prizes! 15 of the most creative ideas will be selected and featured for a community vote. All 15 finalists will win a Wonder Workshop tshirt. The Dash & Dot community will select their favorite ideas. The top three winners will get a FREE Dash!

Open to ages 4 - 14. Submissions will be accepted until January 31, 2017 at 11:59pm PST! The community vote period is February 6-17, 2017, and winners will be announced on February 20!

​Instructions for your kids:

  • Brainstorm an accessory idea for Dash and/or Dot. Use your imagination and think of how you'd like to play with your robots!
  • Use these coloring pages to get started or start from scratch by drawing your own Dash or Dot. Bring the idea to life by drawing onto the robots with colored pencil, markers, watercolor, or more!
  • ​Grab a parent! Take a picture or scan the drawing into your computer and then submit it in the website below. You can submit as many ideas as you'd like.

Winter Celebration Information


Coding Dash and Dot

Pencil Code

Pencil Code is another coding site.