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Cheddar the Fire Safety Dog
We were so excited to get Cheddar, the Fire Safety Dalmatian, to Oakcliff Elementary! The Dalmatian Education prevention program targets Pre-K & Kindergarten and encompasses all three learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. Not only did Cheddar teach fire safety but also "What is a safe place" and canine/animal kindness to prevent dog bites or situations where they may get hurt. Thank you Pre-K and Kindergarten students and teachers for supporting the counseling guidance program.

Thanks go to the amazing counseling staff, Ms. Quintana and Mr. Johnson for arranging Cheddar's visit. The PreKinder and Kindergarten classes learned a lot about fire safety today.
  • What to Do in a Fire
  • How to Use 911
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll!
  • The Safe Meeting Place
  • Canine Safety


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