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We read a lot in Second Grade!
In the fall, we are still learning to read.
By spring, we will be reading to learn. 
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D.E.A.R Time - Drop Everything And Read
This is a time we have scheduled into the school week. At DEAR Time, students stop all other activities and read.  The time is set by us. Students will have a variety of materials to read. Students will not take AR or comprehension tests. DEAR Time is designed to expose kids to printed material for information, knowledge, and fun.  We encourage reading newspapers, magazines, flyers, books, booklets, comics, and other printed materials.
Photo citation: Wenzloff, Jim. books1.jpg. Dec. 2004. Pics4Learning. 21 Jul 2016 http://pics.tech4learning.com
Students who read 20 minutes at home during the school year read, will have read about 400,000 more words than students who don't read. Those students will score higher on standardized tests. By 12th grade, those students will have given themselves almost 1 whole extra school year's worth of education. Just from books! 

FUNNY - A Sight Word Creative Video


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