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Is Phonics Reading?

Phonics is a basic building block of reading. Phonics is the study of the sounds made by letter combinations.  
  • English has 44 sounds.
  • English has 26 letters.
Since we have more sounds than letters, we have to pair certain letters up, and those letters make sounds. 
makes a sound /c/ _____insert the sound /c/ as in can, cot, city, clam
  makes the sound /h/  ___insert the sound /h/ as in hat, hot, help
 makes /ch/ ____insert the sound /ch/  as in chip, chop, child, children, choose

Dictionary Instruction is NOT all Equal!

Dictionary Instruction is NOT all Equal!
When I was a 3rd grade student myself, I asked my teacher how to spell giraffe. My teacher said, "Look it up in the Dictionary." I spent the next hour dutifully looking through the entire "J" section in the dictionary. I said it was not there. My irritated teacher, took the dictionary, turned to "G" and flipped right to giraffe.
giraffe Giraffe Photo Citation: Hoffman, Judy. giraffe1234567.jpg. April 2009. Pics4Learning. 30 Jun 2016 <http://pics.tech4learning.com>
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