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Position at Oakcliff Elementary School







My name is Mrs. Faulkner and I am so excited to work with the creative artists here at Oakcliff Traditional Theme School. Art students will be encouraged to use their imagination as they create art with their own style of individual expression. My goal is to help each student "see" as an artist and become a visual learner. The art curriculum will introduce your child to significant artists throughout art history. New art terms and techniques will be introduced, to broaden their knowledge base as well as increase their self confidence with their own creations. My emphasis is that we are ALL artists, with an overall goal to create a love and appreciation for art. I am looking forward to an amazing year filled with delightful artistic creations!


Children Who are Involved in the Arts:


Imagine, create, express.

Interpret and reflect life.

Develop self-confidence and self-discipline.

Experience an important window to different cultures and values.

Think critically, solve problems, and make informed judgments.

Work, cooperatively in groups.

Appreciate others' points of view.

Are open to new pathways for learning all subjects.










"Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  Pablo Picasso









Kandinsky - A Study in Color
Do color combinations tell people different things if the order and size are different?  Artist Wassily Kandinsky asked that question when he painted one of his very famous paintings. It was called Squares with Concentric Circles (Farbstudie - Quadrate und konzentrische Ringe).
Wassily Kandinsky painted concentric circles on squares as a study in how colors were perceived when next to each other. His concern was how background, size, and order effected human perception of the color. 
This question is not limited to art or artists. Real people in the world pay a lot of attention to colors -  color combinations, color orders, contrast colors, complementing colors, and color sizes.
Advertising is one industry where the study of color makes money, or not, based on how people perceive color.


Departments of Transportation across the USA pay close attention to color. What color are stop signs? What color are yield/caution/warning signs? What color are food/sleep/gas signs? What color is all the writing? Is the purpose of a sign to help? Is the contrast high or low? Why do you think there is a lot of negative space between the bright colored background and the white type?
Students sketched out concentric circles on their square. They then chose paint colors based on what they imagined and put into their plan. 
Students chose their paint colors and set to work painting their concentric circles.
Once the colors dried, students presented and discussed what they noticed about their painting, how the colors interacted with each other, and what they'd do next time to improve their color combinations. 
Hour of Code Day (Week) in Art
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